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What a great work you have done CJ

A few days ago, we post a tip on How to Render to Render Many Trees and Shrubs and ask our members to copy and practice the same drawing. CJ Davis is not only a doer, but did a wonderful job (the larger one). Congratulation CJ!

So please don't just sit home and eat popcorn, grab some pens, markers and colored pencils, march to the favorite paper and charge it, this is how you can become a master…


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Treasured Experience

One of the most valuable things about the 7 day workshop is learning that Mike Lin was not a graphic prodigy from the get-go, but worked hard through practice, practice, practice, and learning from other masters.  That is what gives him his unique ability to understand where we are coming from and demystify how to get us where we want to go - and it's also what gives some of us hope!  He makes the journey from painful incompetence to at least being "the best in our family" one of the most fun… Continue

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Attitude Investment


Here I was in San Francisco taking 9 days off from work to take a 7 day graphics class that may not particularly increase my bottom line; ah what was I thinking?  The first morning I found out that I was just exactly where I needed to be as Mike began his opening remarks. He spoke that  we are to be proud of all that our past has brought to us and that with a few  tricks and even better attitude people will "want to join us and touch us", metaphorically,  because our confidence will…


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The Importance of Hand Drawing in a Digital World - A Chat with AIA National President, Clark Manus, FAIA

A couple of weeks ago, I had the great pleasure to sit down with current AIA (American Institute of Architects) National President, Clark Manus, FAIA of Heller Manus Architects in San Francisco. Being at the helm of the AIA, the president has the over-arching view of our profession across the nation and in many sectors of the design profession and academia.

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Is there anything available in June?

Bello. This is Ashley Reich. Bill and i would love to study and learn. Our daughter has gone to camp and I have the month of June to learn.

I regret that Doc did not witness this.

Let u's know.

Thank you so much.

Added by Ashley S. Reich on June 9, 2011 at 9:50pm — 2 Comments

BeLoose Member Spotlight - Abdul Hakim Kussim Part 1

Abdul Hakim Kussim -  Landscape Architect and Illustrator


We are honored to put a spotlight on the work of Malaysian landscape designer…


Added by Brian Lin on May 16, 2011 at 11:00pm — 6 Comments

2 Day West Valley workshop

"I really enjoyed the workshop at West Valley, Mike's tips and techniques were very helpful, and his talent is so impressive.  It was incredible how rapidly he was able to create.  I have learned some things I will keep in my tool bag forever.  And to top it off, he was a lot of fun.  His jokes and positive attitude really set a nice tone." 

Debra M. Deutsch

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West Valley College Interior Design Club 2-Day Workshop Testimonials

It’s a fun workshop. Mike is a great teacher and entertainer!” Nozomi, Interior Design student


It says a lot that the WVCIDC would bring this type of workshop to WVCIDC members. Obviously, they care about making portfolios not just good, but great. Good job, WVCIDC.” Olivia, Architecture student


The workshop by Mike Lin continues the WVCIDC’s commitment to elevating the level of professional training that students are offered.”…


Added by Marianne Bauer on May 1, 2011 at 6:50pm — 2 Comments

Part 2: Aga Artka - Why I took the BeLoose Graphic Workshop

Becoming Loose - Part 2

The reason I took the workshop

I’ve always enjoyed the arts. I used to take a sketch pad and a box of pastels on family vacations and spend afternoons drawing my surroundings. I never really understood how to draw correctly, but through observation, I was able to recreate the reality of paper.  My…


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Part 1: Aga Artka - Why I took the BeLoose Graphic Workshop

Becoming Loose / Part I

January 16th, 2010 12:43 PM

Wondering why some people can draw better than others? Besides the obvious reason, a natural incline or talent, the best graphic artists and illustrators put in their dues and work hard to reach the top. Luckily for those, who are not as gifted (like me) but who want to…


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Hybrid Drawing: Zenith Point park

Before we get into the steps to make this image, it is important to talk about major decisions (in general) that assisted the outcome. This image was generated as a conceptual background for the AIAS Pan-American games pavilion. The project was in Toronto, and the dynamic skyline of this city combined with the waterfront site location provided a strong focal point for the graphic.…


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BeLoose Member Spotlight - Yves Rathle



Yves Rathle is a talented and forward-thinking visualist. A registered architect and based out of San Francisco, Yves has been involved with the design of many projects in major cities throughout the nation and the world.  His studio utilizes both digital and hand-drawing techniques and tools which enable the ability to churn-out concepts…


Added by Brian Lin on March 16, 2011 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

From design sketch to marketing collateral - my process for creating an architectural illustration

In this post I’d like to share the steps and methods for the illustrations I do.  My hope is that you might learn something new, see something that might help in your work, or share something that can help me.  One of the greatest things about this profession is that you never stop learning and this is a great forum for everyone to share their ideas and learn from each other to help us all become better at what we do.  So here goes.


All of the color illustration work I do is…


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Louis I. Kahn - Drawing to Find Out

Louis Kahn: Drawing to Find Out : Designing the Dominican Motherhouse and the Patient Search for Architecture by Michael Merrill (Baden: Lars Müller, 2010)…


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Gordon Cullen: The Potential of Glasgow City Centre (1985)

The Cullen report is important for distilling the scattered threads of new thinking in urban planning into  a well illustrated blueprint that mapped out step by step policies to be pursued in a bid to allow the city to escape industrial decline.  Though entirely unbuilt as imagined the vision for…


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Visions of Adaptive Re-Use


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Design Process Sketches of the William L. Slayton House by I.M. Pei


William Slayton first broached the idea of I.M. Pei designing a house for him while the two were mid-flight on a business trip together in 1959. Pei agreed and, after a suitable lot was found in Cleveland Park, Pei spent many hours with the Slaytons to understand what type of house would suit them best. One evening, Pei and Slayton were at a business…


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Which Architect Will Design Downtown NFL Stadium, Goats Return


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