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In ancient times, the construction technology and social division of labor is relatively simple, architectural design and building construction and no clear boundaries, the construction of the organizers and the conductor is often the designer. In Europe, the stone as the main building material. The two usually by heads of the Mason bear; in China, due mainly to the wooden structure of building, the two usually by heads of the carpenter's bear. They according to the requirements of the building owner, according to legend of mentoring, and their own creativity, building and the accumulation of the architectural culture

In modern times, the German BSP architectural design firm is an international architectural design agency, in architectural design, urban planning, interior design and landscape design to provide services. Firm was founded in 1981, by the long-term partnership with Martin. Boolean chin, Smick. Burke and Afurui de. Soman partnership presided over the meeting. Headquartered in Bavaria Munich Foley Singh, and the long practice of the firm has accumulated rich experience in the design, the design results across the Danube, Rhine River and North River, Munich Olympic Sports Center, Dresden International Airport and Hamburg sea foreshore City flowing with the sweat of hard work of designers.

In modern times, the architectural design and construction of the separation to separate, each become a specialized subject. This in the west is from the beginning of the Renaissance, to the industrial revolution in the late Qing Dynasty in the late Qing Dynasty in the influence of the formation of the external.

With the progress of science and technology and the development of the society, the buildings included in the content, to solve the problems are becoming more and more complicated, related more and more subject, materials, technology changes more and more rapidly, relying solely on mentoring according to legend, the accumulation of experience, has not been able to adapt to the objective reality; buildings tend to be in a very short period of time to be completed by to by craftsmen in the second term, the objective need more detailed social division of labor, which prompted architectural design gradually formed a professional, become a independent branch of Science.

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