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Hakka is also called soil around the floor, is a Hakka traditional residence. Mainly distributed in Guangdong, north, Dongjiang River and ring is located in the Pearl River Estuary of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other places, its connotation is rich, the form is colorful, is a precious cultural heritage of Han building.

   Soil around the floor of choose the beautiful scenery of the place construction, "Luo Cengya to households in the column mirror LAN at the window", construction, integration in the environment landscape, scenery is housed in a Huyou. The layout of the building is axisymmetric, top-down, layer upon layer falls, clear, simple and solemn. Architectural modeling general sit the Northern Dynasties south, "anti north to the top of the thatched pavilion", "South Kan Feng Kai Xuan, warm in winter and cool in summer, adequate lighting. Comprehensive utilization of natural conditions, and melt Shanguangshuise in one in inherit Chinese nation has a long history based on the fine tradition of vernacular architecture and to create with the unique conception of the Hakka folk style.

   The soil around the floor main building and two square round shape, like the castle, thick solid. Its use local materials, to earth, stone, brick, sand, wood as the main material, general clayey loess mixed with fine sand, lime, glutinous rice, brown sugar increase the viscosity, on the bamboo, wood and bone, layer by layer compacted into a wall, plus beam, truss, angle etc. mutual traction, become a rich elasticity, good overall performance of the building. The peripheral wall thickness of 1 meters, one or two layers are not open, more than three layers only open the window. Usually the whole building only a door access, arranged on the tank, from the second floor can down irrigation, to the fire attack, roof level four week also singled out "Lou Dou", for or overlooking down shooting, anti-theft bandits, protection from animals, fire prevention, waterproof function quite complete. Most of the soil around the building was built in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The early Earth enclosed floor is generally a single layer, and then to the three or four layer, and more than five or six layers. The height of each of about 3 meters, about 30 houses, each layer of room structure and size, roughly the same size and overturned well design a window of a door, the courtyard inside the building daylighting is ventilated and regulating yin and Yang seasons. Floor of the East, West, South and North four directions are stairs leading to each layer, on each floor are equipped with Hall A, second layer above the inner design "corridor" related to each room. Room, office of different functions are also different. General bottom for kitchen, dining room, reception room and placed the tools miscellaneous between; for the second floor of the barn; three layer above good ventilation and lighting, as the bedroom, downstairs hall is the whole building at the center of the, is clan of procedure, weddings, dinner guests and do receive relatives and friends or lift other large-scale activities in public places. Some large earthen building built in the school, let the kids in the earth to receive a good education.

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