BeLoose Graphic Workshop

2 Day Workshop: Testimonials

Drastic improvement of B/A drawings in just three hours of the 2 day workshop by John Atkin

You are encouraged to join us and it will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself. So please don't procrastinate, SIGN UP NOW!

"Mike, I like to commend you on your teaching prowess and on your success over the years in improving the quality of graphics in the profession of landscape architecture.You are one of the most successful educators in the history of the profession. I never cease to be amazed at your inventiveness and flexibility in teaching. Over the years you have had a phenomenal effect on students in our program at the University of Texas at Arlington through your two day sessions in Arlington and 12 day sessions in Kansas. Recently, two of our students won the top student design award in the ASLA student competition, I attribute their win to the improved graphics they developed as a result of attending your workshop. You perform a very valuable service in the profession and I have a great deal of admiration for what you do and how you do it to improve the abilities of those in and entering our profession." Gary Robinette, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

"I can't imagine an AIAS convention without Mike Lin's participation! Mike, you were once again well received by the students participated. Thanks for being part of FORUM 2005 in Cincinnati, OH. Your workshop continues to be one of the most popular things we offer each year." Michael V. Geary, CAE, Executive Director, American Institute of Architecture Students, Washington DC

"A workshop that everyone should take! I have learned more in this 2 days with Mike Lin in Wellington than I have learned anywhere else both in drawing and life." Teina Purdie, Wellington, New Zealand

"Mike, attending your workshop at AIAS Forum in Austin was definitly one of the highlights of my life. Not only did I gain more ability and confidence in my drawing abilities, it also has caused me to look for more joy in my life. I wish everyone I know could have a similar experience." Lacey Thurman, Drury University, Springfield, MO

"Mike, I enjoyed your class so much and wish it never ended!!!! I wish I could have you as one of my architecture professor, it seems that I would learn a lot from you! I was amazed by how humble you are and by what you can do and teach, I believe there should be more professors like you!!! The time and money I invested in this workshop was worth every penny!!!! I hope you come to Tampa again!!! Thank you! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!" Richy Gamez, AIAS President, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

"Fantastic way of teaching by Mike. Really wish I could have had this workshop when I was doing my architectural post grad diploma, it would have save 19 years of bad drawings since! Thanks Mike." Kay Bannatyne, Wellington, New Zealand

" Hey Mike, I just gotta tell you that the two-day seminar surpassed all my expectations in all aspects. Your wit and humor combined with artistic and pragmatic aspects of presentation produced real, tangible results with everyone on my staff. And although I have been graphically oriented for about 25 years without the benefit of your input - I've missed it all these years - I feel my ability and productivity leaped tenfold. Not only do you reveal the tricks and "secrets" of producing "Oh, Wow!" presentations, but you keep both feet on the ground while doing it and stress what I call "economy of line" - we do this for a living and, at the end of the day, have to turn a profit. And you taught that well. Speed is essential, and you teach it without sacrificing the sizzle that brings a client to a level of comfort where they can give a design a "thumbs-up" to proceed to the next step. Thank you, thank you, thank you, sincerely." Krent Wieland, ASLA, Krent Wieland Design, Lake Worth, Florida

"Mike Lin is internationally renowned as one of the best graphics lecturers in the world." Duncan Heather, MSGD, APLD. Landscape & Garden Design, Kinwood Common, England

"A fantastic workshop, what a wonderful way to spend two days. You taught me to simplify the processs and unify the look of my work, many thanks" Bee Thomas, Oxford, England

"So many good things to say about Mike's two-day course! The demand from our members was very high, and they were not disappointed. Mike was able to take everyone - without exception - from their skill level coming in to a level of skill they never imagined they could reach in just two days. I watched the progress, comparing the "before and after," and was amazed at the results. Mike gives everyone the tools they need to draw better and the confidence they need to get back to work and have more fun - and most importantly - sell more designs and installations. His "be loose" philosophy is perfect for uptight designers who think they need to be artists to be successful. He is good and he knows it, and is happy to help anyone else be good, too, if they will practice what he preaches. There is no doubt why Mike is one of the most sought after instructors in the country. Thanks, Mike!" Warren A. Quinn, Esq. Director of Operations, American Nursery & Landscape Association, Washington, DC

"Wonderful experience both in graphic skills and philosophy of life. I haven't enjoyed two days so much in a long time." Robyn Laurenson, Auckland, New Zealand

"Dear Mike, you have made the art of drawing come alive. You have also entertained us with your talent and tricks of the trade, thank you and God bless." Chien Chow, Architect, Chow and Hill Architects, Hamilton, New Zealand

"Mike, thank you so much! You have taught me so much in 2 days and now I see things in a whole new way. My confidence has improved and I now have a real passion to continue my profession. So thank you for coming to Kiwi land! Come back soon." Anna Logan, New Zealand

"Mike, thank you for the great workshop you put on in East Lansing, MI. I heard alot about you over the years from colleagues/friends who attended your workshops. It was definitely an educational and rewarding experience. I learned new techniques and tips to help improve my drawing/presentation skills as well as your attitude and tips towards life. Thank you once again!"
Joe Fenske, Landscape Designer, Yardmaster Landscape Architects & Contractors, Inc.
Painesville, Ohio

"Dear Mike, I have safely returned home, overwhelmed with, yet motivated by new ideas and possibilities. Taking it a second time allowed me to relax and hear you better. It continually amazes me how well you communicate graphic tricks. I believe you could teach a rock how to draw! Our "pre-tests" are often evidence to that, aren't they? I do intend to participate in one of your intensive workshops. Thank you again for your sacrifice of time, your passion to teach, and the wisdom you offer. Sincerely," Susan Cusick, Landscape Designer, Seattle, WA

"I have seen remarkable results from both the two days and the two weeks graphics workshop. The principles of good graphics that Mike Lin presents are well defined, clearly explained and easily adopted. In addition to valuable content, the workshops were a pleasant experience. With Mike leading the way and a little practice, a better graphic and design are just ahead." Howard Weisenthal, Professor, Architecture Department, California Polytechnical University.

"Mike, thank you so much for a great and informative two days. It was amazing to see the entire class improved in such a short amount of time. And most of all, thanks for having a sense of humor, I had a great time." Kate Chamberlain, Seamon, Whiteside and Associates, FL

"Amazed at the difference in confidence and graphic ability after just the first two hours!" Stan Griswold, Billings, MT

"Very educational workshop. I learned more in 2 days than I have in the 17 years of landscaping that I have been in. I know that I will be taking your techniques with me to work and to my clients. I look forward to seeing you in your 12 day workshop in Kansas." Noel Delvalle, West Palm Beach, FL

"Although the focus of the workshop is graphics, I find the most important aspect of the workshop was Mike's ability to motivate and instill a positive attitude and approach to drawing. The workshop has changed my attitude about drawing and my perspective in life." Andrew Kaner, Florida International University

"Thanks to your visit at UNLV this past winter for the two-day workshop. I had the opportunity to make new contacts at one of the biggest architecture firms in Las Vegas. Due to this experience that I have great rendering and architectural drawing skills learned from you, I was hired instantly. Hadn't you come to teach at our school, I would have never had this opportunity. Thank you again for making a difference in our careers." Ana Teves, Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas

"Design, graphic and life philosophy packed into 2 days, a very valuable workshop - Mike Lin can teach anyone how to draw." Erin Collins, Christchurch, New Zealand

“Fantastic workshop, the quick techniques are so practical and useful. The easy to follow steps are simple, easy and understand and very attainable for students. Jokes are good – lightens the mood, lifts the tension. Demonstrations are so helpful for those unsure of themselves.” Lexie Smiles, Instructor, QUT Brisbane, Australia

"Mike, thank you so much for your 2-day workshop. I've learned more about graphic communication from you in 2 days than in 3 years of graduate school. I can't wait to get my "PhD" at the Kansas graphic workshop." Rebecca Conable, Krent Wieland Design, Lake Worth, Florida

“The workshop was scheduled for the middle of a trip I was making to London, I RE-SCHEDULED THE TRIP! And you know what, I came back early from London to do the workshop and it was worth it. The workshop was more than I had expected and I expected a lot. Anyone who wants to learn to draw or learn more about drawing should take this workshop, if you don’t have the money, sell your car.” Elizabeth Joyner, QUT Brisbane, Australia

“This workshop is the most unique learning experience I have ever had. I highly recommend this workshop for everyone. It is useful to improve your talents, give you more confidence to design, to draw whatever you want.” Shaima Al Hossani, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"I was at the lecture you presented today at the University of Canberra. I'm very enthused and buoyed by the
attitude and information you so generously and humorously delivered. You have inspired my confidence and already improved my drawing. I can't wait to pick up a pencil tomorrow, thanks." Kathy Kelly-Johnston, University of Canbera, Australia

"I appreciated your workshop and attitude very much. I felt like my skills and speed improved dramatically in just two days. That night after the workshop, I went home and knocked out two sketches with nice results in less than one hour. Thanks." Robb T. Harrop, Architectural Nexus, Salt Lake City, UT

"I just wanted to thank you for one reason. Since you came to the University of Guelph, you have really restored my own confidence in my ability, and re-focused my goals and destiny. Well I just won 1st place in the ASLA design competition, and felt that you were an important person that I had met in my time being a Landscape Architect. I feel that is important to tell those who have guided me over the years, thank you." Raymon Yim, Past president of SASLA, University of Guelph, Canada

"Mike, I just want to reiterate my satisfaction and gratefulness for your visit to West Palm Beach. The two day seminar was quite illuminating in two ways for me. First, the drawing excercises were practical and instructive. Second, I appreciated the philosophy and thoughts supporting the work of design and graphic art. Your lectures were very insightful and serious, yet always cloaked in wonderful humor. Thanks and sincerely." Alan Stopek, Efflorescence, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL

"Brilliant workshop. Not just a design and graphic workshop, but lessons on life. This workshop taught me that mistakes are not mistakes.... just "not done yet", thank you." Linda Johnston, Wellington, New Zealand

"Mike, it is not your graphics that inspire us, it is the philosophy behind the pictures that will carry us forward as better people as well as better professionals." Jim Mihan, Vice President, Idaho/Montana Chapter of ASLA

"Mike, Thanks for getting me over my fear of color. I have been able to take what you taught me into my field sketching work and it has been a great success. Some of my pieces are being accepted into competitions (Interior Design Educator's Council and Design Communications Association)". Bob Krikac, Washington State University

“I am so pleased that someone with such level of skill like Mike Lin is willing to share so much with us. He has made the graphic skill that is now not only easy but fun. Thank you so much for changing my life as a designer.” Adele Letford, QUT Brisbane, Australia

“You have helped me to be loose with my drawings. In design presentations, I am always too scared to render the drawings in color because I know I don’t have time to perfect it. But now I can render them in a loose manner in just a few minutes. And I have got so much more confidence in my drawings now, thanks.” Renee Vantrier, QUT Brisbane, Australia

"A great workshop, it inspired me in my teaching." Phil Waite, Professor, Washington State University

"I attended your ANLA's master clinic workshop in Louisville, KY and walked away excited about using my new-found skills and knowledge. Who would ever have thought techniques that are so simple to use, could enhance renderings and landscape plans so greatly. The techniques you taught on the second day have made my landscape perspectives top notch. I can't believe the difference it made to simply use the marker colors you recommend. The fun way in which you teach, and the many valuable and immediately employable techniques you teach, have made my drawings sell my landscape plans to enthusiastic clients, and the process is much quicker and easier for me than ever before. I also felt inspired and excited about your life philosophies......and your positive encouraging attitude is serving me well. Thank you for helping me find renewed confidence in my work. If I got this much benefit out of your two day workshop, I find that I MUST attend your two week program as well. Many thanks, and be loose!" Lauren Marino, Lauren Marino Landscape Design, Cincinnati, OH

"This workshop was great! I learned more in the last 16 hours than I did in 2 semesters of drawing and rendering classes, I actually enjoyed drawing now, thank you Mike" Stacy Kroft, the Clark Enersen Partners, Lincoln, NE

"Take the graphic workshop from Mike and then buy the book he wrote "Drawing and Designing with Confidence, A Step by Step Guide". Everything will make sense and all the tools you need to draw will be at your fingertips." Amy Gardner, Washington State University - Spokane

“The 2 day workshop conquered my fear of putting pen to paper. You made me realize that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. That’s how we learn! Thanks you for being such a fantastic teacher and a comedian too!” Jill Bowers, QUT Brisbane, Australia

“The Mike Lin Graphic Workshop has helped my presentation skills immensely. I now feel more confident to use three dimensional sketching techniques and rendering methods for both design drawing and presentations.” Samantha Taylor, QUT Brisbane, Australia

“Mike’s dynamic presentation style of teaching makes drawing exciting and fun. He does not only improve your drawing skills, but confidence in attempting to try something new. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” Katie Macoll, QUT, Brisbane, Australia

"It only took me two days to retrieve most of what I'd lost over 20 years! Love it and will do it again. Thanks for the life spirit and philosophy!" Debowden Bauer, President, Idaho/Montana Chapter of ASLA

"I attended your workshop at the University of Idaho and since then I have had so much more fun drawing and have found myself drawing more and more and with a greater level of confidence. I also have found my outlook on life to be more confident as I realize things truely do need to be more relaxed. Thanks for the help both in the drawing and life." Kent Piekarczyk, Moscow, ID

"This was the best graphic workshop ever known to man. I learned more in 16 hours than in a life time of architectural drawing. Mike can definitely teach anyone how to draw." Josh Perks, Utah State University

"I must tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop in Connecticut. My confidence and drawing increased considerably. Particularly the coloring techniques you taught us became very useful. The very next week I practiced by hand coloring on every preliminary drawing I turned in. Also, your presentation of perspective was so clear that finally I was able to internalize it. I have been drawing a tree every day and find my drawing a sort of private escape which really is calming and rewarding." Alexandra Randall, Alexandra Randall/Garden Schemes, St. James, NY

"Enjoyed the workshop and keep up the jokes. Mike is an excellent teacher - definitely the best in the ..... Thanks for coming all the way to New Zealand." Jane Garrett, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Thank you very much for the most enjoyable 2 days I have had in ages! I loved to see the improvement in my work in just 2 days." Kirsty Rutherford, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Mike's workshop is extremely helpful. I learned more tips, tricks and techniques in two days than I did in my entire architectural education. I'm very glad I have the opportunity to take this workshop. Thank you for coming to our school." Kelli Templeton, University in west coast

"The Mike Lin graphic workshop is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The "tricks" of the trade that are taught in such a short time will benefit the student for as long as their career takes them in life. This program is very positive and worthwhile. Thank you." Rebecca Clark, Colorado State University

"Thank you so very much for such an inspiring weekend. You not only encouraged me to strive to be the best, but your words of 'living wisdom' are a treasure. We will be so excited to have you back for another session this summer!" Connie Lefkowits, APLD, Sunnyville, CA

" I was in your workshop at UC Davis a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to write to thank you for all you taught me in two days. I have a whole new outlook on drawing and it seems so much easier now. I still make mistakes, but I'm not done yet. Thanks a lot for all you gave me and the other students." Matt MacLeod, University of California Davis, Davis, CA

"Thank you so very much for a delightful 2 day workshop in Syracuse! The improvement in my own ability to draw was exciting. You have given me the tools (tricks) to effectively communicate with my ideas and that is appreciated. I also enjoyed your mindset on life and living, it was exhilerating to hear someone speak so positively! I will tell everyone about the benefits of your workshop." Dan Estes, SUNY, Syracuse, NY

"Your workshop counts among the most encouraging and inspiring events of my life. I have always loved drawing and taken many graphics and drawing related classes in the past, but your "tricks" and "attitude" have given me such excitement about making improvements beyond my wildest dreams. I can't wait for you to come back and continue another workshop where this one left off!" Debby Ruskin, APLD, Sunnyville, CA

"Finally, my three years old drawings have been transformed" Holly Goodwin, University of Idaho

"A wonderful workshop. I know I will be a better designer when I get home. Thank you Mike." Bill Dial, Past President, Idaho/Montana Chapter of ASLA

"I learned more in two days than I have in 21 years. Mike's workshop is not only helpful, it is funny, exciting, and has given me a rejuvenating experience in the field of Landscape Architecture." Rob Rudloff, Blacksburg, VA

"Confidence is an important issue in drawing. Mike has helped me gain that." Gavin Robey, VPI

"I Loved the workshop! It was greatly needed. Definitely have attitude change that will positively affect my design ability." Laura Taylor, Idaho

"THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU!!!! I've done 4 perspective drawings since the workshop last week and I love the results! Using the perspective chart is a quick and easy design tool and I know my clients will love the drawings. The two-day format of the workshop was great for me as I have an office-full of commissions to practice with now. MIKE LIN REALLY IS 'SO DAMN GOOD'!" Kim Kaulas, Landscape Designer, Chicago, IL

"The Mike Lin Graphic Workshop was the best $ I have ever spent. Not only did he increase my graphic ability 100 %, he provided me with two days of laughter and relaxation." Nate Kappen, Washington State University

"I recently participated in your two day workshop at MATC in Madison. What a difference two days can make! Thank you for instilling proof that knowing the tricks makes rendering fun! Your book is on the coffee table so that I can enjoy reading it with my morning tea." Judy Helbing, Madison, Wisconsin

"Mike, it was an outstanding workshop! I have gained more confidence and drawing knowledge in 2 days that I have in the last 10 years of work and school, thank you." Scott Martin, Orlando, FL

"Mike Lin's recent workshop at our campus was an outstanding and unqualified success. It infused our students with enthusiasm and confidence. Over the fifteen years I have know Mike, and the innumerable times I have witnessed his magic, I have been convinced that his workshops are one of the most effective means of helping students to recognize their own potentials as design professionals. The skills he teaches, and the values he professes, give students the power to make their ideas visible to others and their dreams real to themselves. Mike makes his passion for drawing real and tangible and infectious. And as an educator who believes in and strives for the best, Mike has become a champion for every student who seeks excellence within themselves. Who ever you are and whatever your current abilities might be, if your goal is excellence, I highly recommend Mike Lin's graphic workshops." Scott N. Collard, Former Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University, IN

"The graphics and renderings in our office are about to change, a great workshop." Cally Heppner, Designer, Wood and Partners Inc. Hilton Head Island, SC

"Mike, you are the graphic GURU! I learned so much from your workshop and hope to be able to make it to your summer workshop in Kansas." Lauree Myler, Utah State University

"I feel like a new person. Your workshop was very inspiring and helped me to get rid of all my fears. Thank you so much for your time." Jen Crossland, Utah State University

"Mike quickly shared the essentials of drawing that can impact how we communicate with our clients and each other. It's not just about technique, it's also about attitude and process that effects our professional and personal success. At this time in our profession, so many young designers know very little other than computer technology based rendering and design exploration. It's refreshing to see Mike work with this new generation of designers, to help them re-discover yet another design tool, that enhances their computer rendering skills while allowing them to do things that can't be achieved solely with computers." Dennis Reynolds, Vice President, HOK Sports

"This workshop has changed my 'first grade' drawings into 'College' material. This class was superb." Donna Rowland, Colorado State University

"I am amazed at the progress I made in just 2 days. My work looks a lot more like professional already. Thanks for an enjoyable 2 days. I hope to do your 12 days workshop in Kansas next year." Dean Bhronwhyn, University of Idaho

"Chance to take the Mike Lin Graphic Workshop is priceless. It is a MUST for any student in the design professions." Jon Petrunic, University of Idaho

"Excellent workshop! More than a lesson in graphics, a lesson in life!" Aaron Sevilla, Idaho

"Thank you so much Mike! You really helped bolster my self-confidence. Graphics has always been the most intimidation aspect of my LA program but not anymore! This workshop was fun, and I'm looking forward to practicing. Again, thank you." Anne Hanenburg, Washington State University

"I really enjoyed the workshop . Your instruction on color theory and use of colored pencil was very helpful. That has been one of my biggest weakness...What color to use and how much? Thanks for answering these questions." John Kleinkopf, Idaho

"I feel like I've learned more from Mike Lin in 2 days that I have in the past 4 years in school. Finally I feel confident about drawing and rendering." Nicole Welch, Colorado

"Mike, great workshop! You cover a semester a minute in a fully entertaining way. Your techniques and tricks are very useful reminders in how to visualize quickly. Please write a book on your outlook on life." Fred Ogram, ASLA, Moscow, ID

"Mike's workshop is poetry in Line, Color, Perspective, Attitude, Philosophy, Humor, Fun, Music and Growth. This workshop is a quantum leap for me into new Be Loose. Art + Fun + Life = Mike Lin Graphic Workshop. My deep thanks." Cas Moritz, Idaho

"Mike, Thank you, thank you and thank you! Not only have I learned beneficial graphic skills, I also am walking away from your workshop with a refreshed, excited drive for my profession. Your wit and attitude definitely contribute not only to your success, but for ours as well." Jolene Rieck, Fisher and Associates, Billings, MT

"Coming to this workshop I had very little confidence in myself and as I walked out the front door on the second day, I felt as if I could accept and complete any challenge placed before me. Thank you Mike for devoting your life to student like myself." Kelly Kirby, Westminster, CO

"Mike, we thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. It was worth every dollars spent. Have been waiting for 25 years to attend - finally attended and it was well worth it. Recommend everyone to at least attend the 2 days workshop if not any at all." Dan Novokovich, landscape architect, Wilson Miller Associates, Naples, FL

"I got a lot more than I have bargained for from the workshop. If you want to feel hopeful about your graphic abilities and feel good about life in general, take my advice and sign up now." Chris Boehmer, Ivey, Harris and Walls, Inc. FL

"I can't thank you enough for making a difference in my professional career as a Landscape architect. With your help, I feel more confident and now I can be a better designer to communicate better, faster, looser and smarter. Being a K-Stater, I think you have left a profound tradition at that university." Marieste Emura, Orlando, FL

"Mike, I wanted to take a few moments and thank you for conducting the two day in-house rendering workshop here at HOK Sport. Over the last several days I have had a steady stream of people who participated in the workshop, come to my office and express their excitement and gratitude with what you were able to accomplish with this group in a relatively short amount of time. As you know, there was a wide range of people with different levels of rendering and sketching skills and they all felt they had been taught something new or were taught a different, more effective way of graphically communicating their ideas. The quick rendering exercise you developed, accompanied by the music, was a very popular and effective experience. People are still talking about that particular exercise. Overall the experience was invigorating, educational and provided just the boost we needed. Thanks for all your help Mike, you did a great job." John Greenlee, Vice President, HOK Sport Inc. Kansas City, MO

"Mike, you took my fear away. I am not afraid of using any color any more. I love to render from now on." Abir Atmer, Colorado State University

"Mike, your workshop is revolutionary. It makes me look at drawings as a controlled accident. I think I want to make a lot of beautiful accidents." Mike Bishopp

"An excellent workshop for expanding the skills and mindset of anyone who needs to communicate visual ideas quickly and clearly. Wow! my mind has exploded. Thank you. This workshop made me sooooo loooose that I am slipping out of my chair." Electra and Kim Carpenter, Boulder, CO

"Mike's workshop is a "Must Do" for any design professional. I brought a few designers from my firm to this workshop and everyone had a great time and learned so much. Now we're all so good graphically. This was my third time and I learned as much as before, I think Mike has continuously improved his teaching skill especially in the perspective area. Mike, you are definitely the Top 5." Todd McCurdy, Morns Architects, Orlando, FL

"Mike, your workshop was amazing. It definitely changed the way I will handle future projects and wetted my appetite for more." Christy Selvig, Designer, Palmer Lake, CO

"My sketches went through an enormous transformation in just two days. I am thrilled with what I've gained and excited about putting the methods into daily practice. Thank you so much for opening my mind to endless possibilities. Maybe the best part though, was the laughter." Lisa Carlson, Designer, Longmont, CO

"This workshop has made the rest of my life much easier. I am more confident with my work now. This is my first year into design and within just 2 days, Mike has changed my drawings from amateur to more professional look." Amelie Gielpi, Colorado State University

"I attended Mike's Moscow, ID workshop this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself and the experience. Mike's humor, wit, and talent as an educator made the two days absolutely great! I also wanted to tell people that Mike's philosophies on life and business were equally refreshing. Especially inspiring is the the mix of eastern and western philosophies into a practical approach to life through balance and harmony." Fred Ogram, ASLA, Landscape Architect, ID

"My life without the Mike Lin workshop is like a day without sunshine!" Justin Muckridge. Colorado State University

"My confidence and graphic techniques have really improved. This workshop finally taught me how to use the tools I have had for long time. Best of all, we had fun learning!" Amy Gardner, Washington State University

"When I started the workshop, I doubted my skills and future in the interior design profession. Now I am very excited and driven to do the very best I can. thank you." Allison Day, Fort Collins, CO

"Great 'bag of tricks' to learn in 2 days, would have taken me another 30 years to figure it all by myself." Jan Hart, Auckland New Zealand

"I enjoyed Mike's workshop tremendously! He has the great ability and talent to teach in a very simple and basic terms that are so easy to understand. The "follow me" instructions will help the individual to practice the drawing tricks and techniques effectively. Most of all, he made it fun with a great sense of humor. I would recommend this workshop to beginners and professionals who have healthy attitude to learn and improve. Thank you very much." D.H.Designer,Walt Disney Imagineering, Orlando, FL

"I learned more in 2 days than I did in my first year in college." Phil Lazarus, HOK Sport Inc. Kansas City, MO

"I wish we had participated in a workshop like this in the beginning of the degree, so it would have let us concentrate more on learning how to design, rather than worrying about our graphics. I feel like I can now go home and continue to learn from Mike's book." Nicki Lewis, Christchurch, New Zealand

"This two days workshop is marvelous, I learned a lots of basic graphic knowledge from Mike. Thank you for coming to New Zealand to teach us." Lillie Lau,Christchurch, New Zealand

"Really worthwhile 'Graphic Workshop', I'm sure I have learned more in 2 days than 10 years of practice in the landscape industry, Thanks." Jocelyn Mahoney, Christchurch, New Zealand

"The improvement I saw in my graphic skills was incredible. In a matter of 2 days, I could not recognize my own drawings plus Mike kept us well entertained. The best bucks I have spent, thanks Mike." Scott Forsyth, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Without Mike...., there is no light in life." Cameron Rennie, Auckland, New Zealand

"Mike, thanks so much. I loved the workshop and I never thought I could learn that much in just two days but I did, thanks." Hillary Udy, Utah State University

"I appreciated the time you spent with us. Thanks for the humor and personality. I can tell you enjoy what you do and that makes you a great teacher. I feel so loose, thanks." Shawn Hancock, Utah State University

"I really enjoyed the workshop. I feel much more confident with my work. It was interesting to see Mike's book come alive with his humor and excitiment of his work. Awesome to get some good graphic tricks under my belt." Kim Ehgland, Colorado

"Mike- Spending the last two days with you and learning your graphic tricks has been incredible. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of your workshop. I have learned more in the past 16 hours than I had in 7 weeks of class. You have taught us all what we needed to learn. Thank you very much." Kristen Fisk, Fort Collins, CO

"The Mike Lin workshop gave me the confidence to sketch, render and draw in perspective that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. I feel that this was above and beyond any information I could have picked up in my classes and has given me an edge in my field." Carrie Larsen, Colorado State University

"Mike, thanks for making me realize how much I love drawing! See you in Mexico." Adrian Diaz, Utah State University

"I came to this workshop with hardly any confidence, but through your encouragement and easy steps on graphics, I saw actual improvement in my work in just 2 days. Thanks you for your encouraging words about how to be balanced in life and realizing that grades aren't everything. Thanks." Megan Woodland, Utah State University

"Mike can make a dog draw and laugh too." Jordan Hutehins, Virginia Poly Tech State University

"I did not think it was possible to cover so much material in just 2 days. 3 years ago, I attended the 2 weeks workshop in Kansas; I had no idea how much a refresher course would impact my drawings." Jen Woodford, Virginia Poly Tech State University

"This workshop was amazing. Not only does it change the way you think, but it inspires and enhances your creativity. With the skills I learned, I am excited to take these tools into my everyday learning." Aaura Mautz, Fort Collins, CO

"This workshop with Mike Lin was an enlightening experience. Mike was able to merge my professional experience as a designer and art director with my education as an artist to revitalize them. He shocks a lot of habits that will result in a fresher approach to my works and professional development." Cicero Greathouse, Art Director, Walt Disney Imagineering, Orlando, FL

"I went from chicken shit to chicken salad in two days! Thanks a lot of the great tips and secrets no one else would share." Sarah Kamtz, Colorado State University

"Thank you for your hard work, I not only had a great time, but ready to conquer the world now. I really admire how you continually help people to draw better, to laugh at themselves and enjoy their life to the fullest." Dana Worthington, Project manager, Walt Disney Imagineering, Orlando, FL

"Excellent two day workshop! It taught me to draw a lot quicker, I am now excited to get back into hand drawings and away from the computer. Can't wait to render my next project." Keith Backer, Landscape Architect, Walt Disney Imagineering, Orlando, FL

"This was a great graphic workshop, it provided the techniques that have not yet been emphasized in school. The improvement and understanding gained over just two days is stunning. It was also a bonding experience for the group, what a great way to start the semester." Professor Glen LeRoy, University of Kansas and Principal of Gould Evans Goodman Assoc. Kansas city, MO

"This is the best perspective lecture I have had. I have been privileged enough to understand perspective since 5th grade in art class, but this is the most innovative way of teaching from Mike." Lix Kimmel, Colorado State University

"Mike, this was a great workshop. I was excited before it started and now I am even more excited to use what you have showed us. I have no complaints but praises. I bet you could even teach my dog how to draw, thanks." Kat, University of Kansas, KS

"I enjoyed this workshop very much because I do feel better now than I did before about my drawing skills, that alone is worth every penny. Attitude is everything and I am glad to receive my 22 years tune-up from Mike, thanks." Kelly Shcreihofer, University of Kansas, KS

"I loved the workshop. I felt like it energized me and afterwards, I couldn't believe what I had drawn. It was exciting to know you have that potential and ability inside you." Stephanie Darling, Littleton, CO

"...... very impressed. I have learned more in two days than 4 years of graphic techniques in school. I feel like I can draw almost anything now. I can't wait to show off to my mom, thanks." Don Snider, Kansas City, MO

"I enjoyed the workshop. I have drastically changed and improved my rendering capabilities. Hopefully next time it will be a two weeks instead of two days. This is something everyone should do." Erica Muhlenbruch, HOK Sport Inc. Kansas City, MO

"I really enjoyed Mike and his graphic workshop. Two thumbs up!" Tamara Mayers, Colorado State University

"The two day workshop was a great success. All my employees improved far beyond any of their expectations. One of the most important benefits that we have realized is the new added confidence and attitude towards drawing has already had a great affect on our approach to sales. Thank you for sharing both your talents and sense of humor with us. We enjoyed your visit and look forward to having you back again." Steve McHale, President, McHale & McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MD

"I enjoyed the workshop. It was a great way to sharpen my graphic skills and learn some new techniques to add life to my renderings. Mike has a great style of teaching that is energetic and entertaining." Mason Hansen, HOK Sport Inc. Kansas City, MO

"This is the most beneficial workshop that I have ever taken, these techniques will bring life to my sketches. It is amazing what little tricks can do to the drawings." Dave Hoffman, Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering, Orlando, FL

"Very entertaining. Mike, you have provided a very positive input to the landscape architecture and design professions, thanks." Dan Keefer, Orlando, FL

"What can I say? A hispanic wedding with live DJ and assorted spanish toasts could not spoil the fun and the experience of Mike's workshop. So much to learn but so much success in such a short time. Hope to see you in Kansas workshop." Bruz Noel, Miller Sellen Conner and Walsh, Orlando, FL

"The two days workshop was absolutely worth every penny. Mike provides us with a comfortable, humorous atmosphere that results in a very pleasurable learning experience." Rick Compton, Miller Sellen Conner and Walsh, Orlando, FL

"The techniques taught here should be included in the first semester curriculum of any design school. The experience found in the workshop will help to advance any design. The results of Mike's teaching are immediate." Chris Higgs, Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering, Orlando, FL

"Mike's talent, teaching ability and uncanny sense of humor make his workshop very productive, worthwhile and entertaining. This workshop is a must to take for any design professional who wishes to improve his ability to delineate design concepts and convey them to clients. Thanks for everything Mike." Dirk McClure, HOK Sport Inc. Kansas City, MO

"Thank you so much! you have influenced and helped my graphics like no others. I am excited to attend your 2 weeks workshop in Kansas. Everyone should attend if he/she is in the graphics world." Phillip Washburn, Utah State University

"Thanks for a wonderful day of Mike Lin. The students haven't stopped talking about you since your departure. The many "Mike Linisms" pervade every conversation about design, graphics and studio and professional attitude. Your humor has been carrying our students through these days of final projects, exams and papers." .Jack Sullivan, Professor, Landscape Architecture Program, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

"I have had many classes on drawing perspectives before, I have even assisted in teaching one of them. But I have never been truly comfortable drawing perspectives. This workshop has taught me a more simplified and logical means to generating perspectives. I will not hesitate ot practice in the future, thanks Mike." Stacey Kalina, HOK Sport Inc. Kansas City, MO

"Mike Lin's two day workshop in our program was very educational and has been enriching to our faculty and students of all levels of skill and drawing ability. Mike was able to teach us several quick sketching and rendering techniques; we were able to see the good results in our student work immediately. The students thought he was awesome." Sharran Parkinson, Professor and Director, Interior Design program, Ohio University

"In only two days visiting our university, I saw amazing improvements in the graphic skills and confidence levels of myself and fellow students. Mike Lin has a very effective teaching style which combines graphic skills, speed, confidence building and a few jokes." Matt Mihalevich, President, SASLA, University of Arkansas

"Really enjoyed the workshop. Learned more in 2 days than several years in college. Thanks for all your tricks. This is the second 2 day workshop I took and it was still very exciting. Highly recommend it to any design professionals." David Salko, FL

BeLoose is a workshop where the experience will definitely change people's lives and increase their confidence beyond their expectation.

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Before / After Drawings

"Before" drawing was done on the 1st day and "After" was done after 6 days. This can happen to you, so just show up, we will do the rest for you.

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